Cleaner production results of Qingdao Tianyishi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. are disclosed

Qingdao Tianyishi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was established in June 1989 with a registered capital of 19.99 million yuan. The legal representative is Sun Guohua. It mainly produces and processes residential furniture, jewelry boxes, storage racks, outdoor furniture and other products. The company is located at No. 697, Yishan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, covering an area of about 56680 m2.

The company's 10 million pieces/year production line has been completed and put into operation. The total investment of the project is 12 million yuan, of which 700,000 yuan is invested in environmental protection. The company has 176 employees, working 260 days a year, 8-hour work system, and producing 2080 hours a year. See Table 1 for company information.

Company NameQingdao Tianyishi Wood Industry Co., Ltd.Industrywooden furniture manufacturing
type of enterpriselimited liability companylegal representativeSun Guohua
mailing addressNo. 697, Yishan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdaopost code266400
contact personAn Yinghuacontact number13573287711
Main Products and CapacityAnnual output of 10 million wooden crafts and wooden furniture
key equipmentRouting and tenoning machines, sawing machines, milling machines, sanding machines, painting tables
Total number of employees176Total number of technicians9
Total value of fixed assets of the enterprise14.78 million
Annual gross output value of the enterprise30 millionTotal annual profit and tax1.9 million

The company belongs to the "C2110 Wooden Furniture Manufacturing" industry. According to the "Notice of the Shandong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment on Issuing the List of Companies Implementing Mandatory Clean Production Audits in Shandong Province in 2021" (Lu Huanzi [2021] No. 75), mandatory cleaning is required Production audit.

The company attaches great importance to clean production audit work, and hired Saifeite Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. to provide cleaner production audit consulting services to assist enterprises in carrying out cleaner production audit work. The company started the current round of clean production audit work in May 2021, established a cleaner production audit leading group and a cleaner production audit working group, and established a sound cleaner production system to ensure the smooth development of cleaner production audit work.

The audit team analyzes the whole production process from the aspects of raw and auxiliary materials (including energy), production process, production equipment, process control, management system, employee skills, products, and waste, finds out the cause of the problem, and proposes specific countermeasures to solve the problem. In this round of cleaner production audit process, the production workshop was selected as the focus of the audit.

Since the company started the clean production audit work, a total of 10 feasible clean production schemes have been screened out, including 9 no/low-cost schemes and 1 medium/high-cost scheme. All no low-cost schemes have been implemented in the evaluation stage. Mid-to-high fee plans are feasible. The 9 non-low-cost programs that have been implemented have a total investment of 281,400 yuan, which can generate economic benefits of 786,900 yuan/year; it is estimated that the annual reduction of VOCs emissions will be 348.88kg, paint residues will be reduced by 79.23kg, waste paint buckets will be reduced by 78kg, and tap water will be saved by 113.8 tons. Reduced discharge of domestic sewage by 91.04 tons, and saved electricity consumption by 29,900 kWh. , Improve the level of corporate environmental management.

On August 20, 2021, according to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment's "Guidelines for Cleaner Production Audit Evaluation and Acceptance" and other relevant regulations, the West Coast New District Branch of the Qingdao Ecological Environment Bureau organized experts to conduct a clean production audit and assessment of Qingdao Tianyishi Wood Co., Ltd. , after listening to the report, checking the relevant materials and asking questions, the expert group proposed revision opinions. The company revised and perfected the report based on expert opinions, and implemented a mid-to-high fee plan.

On December 22, 2021, the West Coast New District Branch of Qingdao Ecological Environment Bureau organized experts to conduct a clean production audit and acceptance on Qingdao Tianyishi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. After surveying the company's site and listening to the company's report, the representatives participating in the meeting formed the following acceptance opinions after careful discussion and deliberation: The company has implemented a total of 10 clean production plans in this round of clean production audit, with a total investment of 439,400 yuan, of which no/low cost 9 programs and 1 medium/high-cost program have been completed. After the implementation of the plan, the economic benefit can be about 1.0269 million yuan/year; the annual reduction of VOCs emission is 348.88kg, the generation of paint residue is reduced by 79.23kg, the generation of waste paint buckets is reduced by 78kg, the generation of leftover materials is reduced by 2.74t, tap water is saved by 113.8 tons, and domestic sewage is reduced 91.04 tons, saving 29,900 kwh of electricity, improving the management level of the enterprise, and achieving certain environmental and economic benefits. The enterprise can achieve the expected clean production goals. The audit and acceptance materials submitted by the enterprise are complete and standardized, and the opinions put forward by the audit and evaluation have been revised and perfected. Cleaner production can be carried out in accordance with relevant requirements, and assessment objectives have been formulated and implemented. The audit complies with the national "Guidelines for Cleaner Production Audit, Evaluation and Acceptance" The acceptance conditions have reached the level of a clean production enterprise, and it is agreed to pass this round of clean production audit and acceptance.

Clean production is a continuous process. In the future, the company should continue to firmly establish the awareness of clean production, take clean production as part of the daily management content, carefully summarize the experience gained in the audit work, and constantly learn new knowledge, new technologies and new ideas of clean production , applied to daily work positions, making greater contributions to energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, and efficiency enhancement.

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